A research article on how mobile learning has changed education in developing countries and/or rural areas, where access to the internet is limited

Working with our children in Ghana has been most challenging. Apart from not readily having access to computing equipment, getting continuous wifi is a luxury. Most people buy data credit for their smart phones, which gives them internet access, when it is operating efficiently. Due to the current crisis, we had to get smartphones for some of the children to enable them continue with their education. This is a challenge that not only countries like Ghana is facing, but other developing countries around the world, especially children in remote or rural areas. As leaders of tomorrow, these children needs to have access to education, not only to enable them fulfill their potential, but benefit society as a whole and for the future of these countries.

A brilliant article on how to overcome stress and anxiety

In these times of immense uncertainty, we are all prone to worrying about what the future holds. However it’s imperative to be mindful of your well-being by not worrying about issues which are not within your control. Worrying is overthinking things and it leads to anxiety and stress.

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