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Abigail's Story

Abigail is an intelligent and lively young person. She lost her parents when she was four years old and has been living with her guardians in the Central Region of Ghana. She attended primary school at Awutu Beraku, passed her BECE and was admitted to Twifo Praso Senior High School.

Her Journey

Abigail got ill in 2012 and was sent home from school. Her illness was diagnosed to be kidney failure. She had dialysis three times a week, and an Erythropoietin injection weekly to keep her alive until she had a kidney transplant.

Abigail wants to live, and have a good future. Notwithstanding her illness, she goes to school when she is strong enough. She was transferred to another high school nearer the hospital to enable her to have her thrice-weekly dialysis and different lab investigations needed. An amount of money had been raised to help towards the cost of the transplant. Before she could have her transplant, she had to undergo another surgery to remove blood clots in her arteries, leaving her weak.




Abigail continues with her university education, doing well, and looking forward to continue to pursue her dreams.


Abigail gained admission to one of the local universities in Ghana, studying Bachelor in Human Resource Management. She is keeping well and determined to pursue her dreams.


Earlier this year Abigail completed her secondary school education and is now working with children in a local nursery, whilst she awaits her results to enter university. She feels fulfilled knowing that she has been blessed and fortunate to be given a new lease of life, and will do her best to fulfil her dreams.



The transplant was a success and Abigail is responding positively to the donated kidney. Both she and the donor are doing well. She is so grateful for a new lease of life.

Abigail wants to be a nurse in the future and give back to society. Help her to fulfill her dreams. Give this young person a new lease of life. Thank you for supporting her.


Abigail has end-stage kidney disease. Apollo Hospital, India has accepted her for a kidney transplant, which is quite imminent! There is a matched donor.

We are raising funds towards the cost of her operation. Abigail is so hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel, after 5 years! Please support her by donating towards her life-saving transplant.


In 2017 we had the opportunity to spend time with Abigail during her dialysis sessions. We saw the pain this young person has to live with constantly, but she bears it with much dignity and an infectious smile. We presented her with a laptop and funds raised on her behalf.

Abigail completed High School in May 2016 and moved back to live with her guardians at Awutu Beraku. She now travels 54km on public transport to have her thrice-weekly dialysis. This is affecting her already frail health. Her scheduled transplant has been postponed. This has been a pattern for many months.


Abigail has had to put her education on hold as she has been promised her operation will be performed soon. The delay is due to the hospital waiting for doctors from abroad to assist the local team in the kidney transplant operation for her and other patients.

The advice for a quick solution is to explore having the surgery outside Ghana. We are looking at other countries and the options available. Abigail continues to have her thrice-weekly dialysis – she needs continuous funds to be able to do so.

In Ghana, you pay for your healthcare costs. Not having funds to pay leaves the patient untreated. Abigail is lively and wants to have a healthy future.