About sovereign house gh

We are a Greater Manchester based charity, working in the UK and Ghana, to empower disadvantaged children and maximise their potential. We do this through supporting ICT, Education, Healthcare, Social Housing, and Community Development.


In Greater Manchester we run a Computer Learning Programme (CLP) for children and adults, especially those experiencing digital poverty. The aim of the CLP is to teach computer theory and practical application, giving students a more advanced skillset and a better foundation for the job market. Our programme also works with guest speakers, who come in to talk with younger learners about future plans and goals.  Our students improve their confidence, interpersonal, and social skills, while being encouraged to give back to the community throughout further employment and education.

We have been running this programme in Salford for over 5 years, and recently opened a new hub in Bury. At this hub we can now provide a Computer Learning Programme to adults, and work to bridge the gap in digital inclusion even more. 

Learn more about what we do in the UK.


In Ghana, we care for orphans and disadvantaged individuals by giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential. We provide educational sponsorship, fundraise for medical costs, and create social housing. By going to Ghana, and meeting communities, we identify and help directly those people most in need.

Our biggest project in Ghana is building a first-of-its-kind children’s home. It will provide  for orphans and disadvantaged children, giving them a secure foundation in a family unit. These children will be nurtured and cared for in a loving family, as is the right of every child. We will help them to grow with confidence and self-worth – while they gain the education and skills to build their best future.  When our model for the care of orphaned children is proven successful, we hope to help replicate it in Ghana, and around Africa.

We also have a small ecosystem of female entrepreneurs who we support with funding, so that they can support each other, and their families.

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There are always opportunities to join our team, through our volunteering programmes or internship project. To find out more and how you can partner with us, follow the link below.