About Our Organization

About Sovereign House GH

We are a UK based charity, operating in Greater Manchester and Ghana, empowering disadvantaged children to gain skills to maximise their full potential through IT, Education, Healthcare, Social Housing & Community Development.

In Greater Manchester, we run a Computer Learning Programme. The aim is to build the confidence of the children and enhance their computer skills, giving them higher competency and a foundation for the job market. The project is intertwined with guest speakers who come in to chat with the children about future aspirations and goals, thereby boosting their confidence, interpersonal and social skills, and encouraging them to give back to the community. The project is all-inclusive and for children between the ages of 7-16 years old.

In Ghana, we care for orphans and disadvantaged children by giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential through educational sponsorship, raising funds towards medical and healthcare costs, social housing – building a new children’s home and community development. 

There are always opportunities to join our team, through our volunteering programmes or internship project. To find out more and how you can partner with us, please click the link.