Sovereign House GH - Computer Learning Programme

Computer Learning Programme

The class we run at the computer learning program are all inclusive and of mixed age and ability. We focus on children, who may otherwise not have access to a computer, the opportunity to build a positive skill set, gain confidence in their abilities and empower them for the future.

How the Computer Learning programme started?

Narrated by R. Billingham

Sovereign House Gh started the Computer Learning Programme for children in Salford, Greater Manchester. It’s a story with many plot twists, that are still being continued today. It’s the story of how one woman, Irene – Founder of Sovereign House Gh, saw a need and made something happen. Sovereign House Gh works to empower and improve the lives of disadvantaged children. Irene and her husband, after relocating to Greater Manchester, were heartbroken to hear of the poverty affecting families in Salford, one of the most deprived areas in Britain, and were desperate to do something about it. They could see the untapped potential in the children of Salford, and this drove them to create change.

Building confidence through IT

Our classes are run mainly by volunteers; aimed at positively impacting into the lives of the children. Our classes have boosted the confidence of the children and helped them develop a can-do attitude, belief in themselves, and is giving them the foundational skills to empower them for the future. We keep the class small to ensure each child understands the computer program they are learning.

Our Team

Most of the project voluntary based: We’re a team of dedicated volunteers, helping children to develop their computer skills to a standard at par or above their peers. We give the children the opportunity to do it themselves, by encouraging them and giving them the tools and guidelines that prompt them to realise they can do it, thereby building their confidence to develop a ‘can-do’ attitude. We have the best team to create an outstanding results.


The children are future leaders of today. Impacting into their lives will yield rewards for now and the future. If you have the passion for teaching IT skills to the children, or supporting them, come along and join our enthusiastic team.


Funding from The Community Fund, VRU Fund – GMCA & NHS Salford CCG with support from Salford CVS has supported the project.