Sovereign House GH - Healthcare


We help raise funds to pay for the medical cost and healthcare of sick children and/or orphans, who have no means to pay/no one to care for them. We collaborate with the doctors and hospital to ensure the child receives the best medical attention possible and recovers well. Ghana is a third world country in West Africa. Healthcare is not free and patients have to pay for every stage of their treatment before they are attended to. Failure to do so can lead to death. With no proper healthcare cost facilities in place, the government introduced the National Healthcare Insurance Levy (NHIL). The NHIL does not cover all medical diagnosis and unexpected health crisis can bring a family into deeper poverty. Many families cannot afford to pay for the insurance levy. We identify children with health issues and raise funds to help pay for their healthcare cost.

Success stories

Meet some of the children we have helped raise funds towards their healthcare cost.


Alberta was diagnosed with a hole-in-the-heart in April 2016. She was born with the heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. She required surgery to correct her heart condition and to prevent further deterioration to her health.


Abigail is an intelligent lively young person. She got ill in 2012 and was sent home from school. Her illness was diagnosed to be kidney failure. She had dialysis 3 X a week, and Erythropoietin injection weekly to keep her alive until she had a kidney transplant.


We assisted Prince from age 6, a bright boy with sight problems. His mother could not take care of him due to the huge medical bills and his father had left for Europe and not maintained contact. We brought him to the UK for a holiday, and thankfully his sight was much better by the time he went back to Ghana. Through a charitable organisation, we were able to trace his father, who had settled and was willing to have him. Prince is settled and doing very well.