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Computer Learning Classes

Our computer learning classes are designed to help children gain relevant IT skills.

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Building Project

We are building a home for orphans and disadvantaged children, where they will have stability, security, and a foundational unit to belong and develop.

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Empowering children to reach their full potential

Solutions that help people

Our Mission

To help orphans and empower disadvantaged children to reach their full potential through enhancing IT skills, housing, education, healthcare, and community development. We work with children in Ghana and the UK.

Children’s Home

We are building a home for orphans and disadvantaged children in Ghana, where the children will have stability, security, and a foundational unit to belong to, where they can develop to their full potential. The children will be brought up within a family context, rooted in the love, care, dignity, and discipline every child should have. The house is built, we are now working on the interior furnishing so the children can move into their new home.

Computer Learning Programme

The classes we run at the computer learning program are all inclusive, and of mixed age and ability for children. We focus on children and adults, who may otherwise not have access to a computer.

Summer Intensive Courses

Are you ready to unleash your full technological potential? Sovereign House GH is inviting you to an exciting 6-week intensive computer learning program this summer.
Dazzle your friends with your newfound skills, from coding to game design, cyber-security to web design, HTML & CSS to Python, our course has something for everyone – whether you’re a tech novice or a seasoned guru!
Join us from July 15th to August 23rd and discover a world of possibilities. The skills you’ll acquire will be lifelong assets, propelling you forward in your future career and social interactions.
Our program is custom-designed for you, taking into account your age and specific areas of improvement. With classes for ages 5-7 and ages 7-16, there’s never been a better time to embrace technology and forge new friendships.
Don’t miss this chance to enhance your abilities and potential. Sign up for Sovereign House GH’s computer learning program today!
Aspire to be a tech wizard and unlock your full technological prowess? Look no further!

How Can You Help?

No child chooses the conditions they are born in, but every child deserves an opportunity to develop their full potential for a brighter future. You have the power to make a huge difference in a child’s life today. Lend a helping hand and donate to our blueprint children’s home. Your contribution would be life-changing, and help empower these children to achieve beyond their current prospects. ⁠

Your monthly donation and regular gifting allows us to continue helping the children, planning for the future and making sure the children get the care they need.

"God has given us two hands: one to receive with and the other to give with." Billy Graham

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is rewarding, knowing you are sowing into the future generation. The National Volunteer's week starts on the 1st to 7th June, 2023.
Volunteer Now!

To support us with your gifts or fundraise for us, you can find us on any of the following online platforms

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Sharon KhanSharon Khan
19:57 04 May 23
Irene I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for my son . You took him on as a student and his confidence and knowledge improved dramatically. He has learnt so much from the classes here than at school where the students were let down in terms of IT education. He said he has learnt more here than at school and he wants to take computer science up at collage.Please let us know in the future if you need our help with anything and he may be able to come back to help out the younger kids depending on how much work collage life gives him.Once again thank you so so much for everything for all your support and the education you have provided for the children . Keep up the amazing work Irene your an amazing lady 😊
Prime AccountantsPrime Accountants
20:49 24 Nov 22
My 8 year old son really enjoys attending the computer programing at Langworthy Cornerstone centre. He use to attend online gaming classes which is completely different field from the face to face computer lessons he attends at present. The program is designed to teach various aspects of computing ( not just gaming ).This is a great start for the little ones to learn and understand the foundation of technology by using various programs and techniques.I highly recommend the program to anyone who want their kids not to waste time on gaming but learn the real stuff, the one that can be put into practice.
sueyee chensueyee chen
20:30 20 Sep 22
I'm glad my son is studying computer here.The course is built up well, the steps are easy to follow. very enjoyable and My son learned a lot. Thank you.
Anna IfionuAnna Ifionu
16:25 23 Feb 22
My kids are really enjoying their time and always look forward to having their computer lessons. They have learnt a lot and made progress in computer softwares and coding etc. This is a very good place to progress and acquire computer skills as it has enriched my kids.
07:35 01 Dec 21
The work Sovereign House has been doing in the community is incredible.My son, now 11 has been attending coding sessions with them for 2 years now. The volunteers are patient and eager to help and Irene is doing an incredible work in bringing coding to children who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to learn this skill for the future. Very happy parent

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