Sovereign House GH - Educational Sponsorship

Our goal is to find sponsors for the education of academically gifted children whose parents cannot afford the school fees and to facilitate exchange programs with other countries. we have plans to build a primary school to benefit the children in the home and the local community.


To have a good education in Ghana, you will have to pay to go to a private school. There are different ranges in the school system, from low – mainly government/public schools to high-class school – international standards. The different levels of schools are based on the affordability of paying the school fees. Most orphans living outside an orphanage are often in kinship care. Most of them do not go to school regularly because the families choose to pay school fees for the biological children as a priority and send them to good class schools. Orphaned children are the most vulnerable, and when out of school, there is no safety net. They end up in the cities as street children and are subject to all sorts of abuse. For children from a disadvantaged background, the parent sometimes has no formal education or training themselves and the children are often not in formal education either. Some of them end up selling wares on the road to make a living or turn delinquent.

How the program works

The children are matched with a sponsor who provides the school fees, books, and school uniform. SHGH supplements with the school accessories and feeding fees etc. The sponsor is updated regularly with the school reports and progress of the child. There is also an opportunity to visit the child.

The program extends once the student is able to pass examinations and continue to senior high school. We will seek an educational grant for the child to attend college until he/she is able to reach their full potential.

If the child does not pass a formal examination to go into senior high school, we will seek to place the student in an apprenticeship to give them a career opportunity.

Staff works with the teachers and monitors the child’s progress, and provides accountability through the home and school visits, and the extra time spent with the student.

We have partnered with a range of schools.

Children Stories

Meet some of the children we have enrolled in education