Sovereign House GH - Educational Sponsorship

Esther is 4 years old. She is a bubbly sweet little girl who would love to play with a doll. She has never been to nursery but can say her alphabets to the letter ‘e’.

We have secured sponsorship for Esther and she will start nursery in September 2016. Although she does not understand much about school, having had no exposure, she was excited when she tried her school uniform on, and her new bag and shoes. She liked her teacher when they met, and this will make it easier for her.

Esther is in school and has settled well. She is very grateful. We are happy to be able to give Esther the opportunity to be educated. Every child should have the right to education.

Esther has had a successful year, she has come out of her shell and quite bubbly. Her teachers are impressed with her performance! She can complete her alphabets and count well.