Mission House

There are over one million orphans, who need opportunity to a better life and education to have a secure foundation to reach their potential.

Most orphans do not have opportunities presented to them and grow up with no sense of belonging or self-worth. With no formal education or training, some of them end up selling on the streets to make a living or turn delinquent. For vulnerable children as orphans, many of them are ostracized, and used as house helps, and are subjected to all kinds of abuse. For these children; self-esteem, values, goal setting, decision making, understanding boundaries, self-belief, problem solving and critical thinking are necessary life skills they lack.

Having seen the difference in the lives of children who have experienced life changing opportunities, excelling in school, and living their purpose gave me the vision to build a blue-print children’s home, where the children will grow up with security, a sense of belonging and be part of a family unit, have the care, nurture, guidance, dignity and discipline every child need.

This will provide the needed foundation, to help the children realize their full potential, enabling them to integrate into society and be independent. Their success will influence their peers by educating them to positively change the cultural mind sets of the people they interact with and their perception of orphans and how they are treated.

The mission house will host people who want to give back to the children and the community including doctors, teachers, students and other professionals. This will boost the mindsets of the children to increase their confidence and self-worth, and also help the community to thrive and change challenging cultural mindsets of how orphans are perceived and treated.

We have given children opportunities to enhance their future for a brighter one and want to continue making a difference in the lives of many more children. Together, let’s give them hope and make their dreams a reality. Would you partner with us, or sow into the lives of these children by supporting us? Every gift received will help make a positive impact in the lives of individuals to reach their full potential. Thank you.

Together let's give hope to orphans

We are looking for partnerships, donations of building materials, solar panels or any gifts we receive will helped us to finish this project. giving opportunities and benefits to children who will otherwise not have a future. We look forward to engaging with you, please contact us to find out how you can help. Thank you for your support.