Our Awards

Our Awards


We are glad to be named ” The Most Dedicated Disadvantaged Children’s Support Organisation of 2021 ” by SME news, which is a great honour!

“This truly represents all of your hard work and dedication paying off. Our merit led selection process narrows down nominees in order to seek out and celebrate the very best that Northern England has to offer.  On behalf of SME News it gives me great pleasure to advise you that Sovereign House GH has been named one of our illustrious victors.

Manchester Prestige Awards-2021

“The Judges were impressed with the team’s personal touch, consistency of reviews and community feel. It’s extra special to know your hard work and positivity is paying off and hopefully, this is the start of a successful 2021 for you”.


Although 2020 was a challenging year for everybody, Sovereign House GH had some important highlights that we will like to share with you. One of them was being recognised by Heart of Salford for our work empowering children, giving them not only IT skills but also life skills. Although, it was a difficult year, we were able to continue helping the children and families through varied means. We are delighted to be recognised for our efforts in the community.

Northern Enterprise Awards-2020

We are glad to win this award on these category, an organisation whose work includes:

  • To educate and train children to believe in themselves
  • To help children develop a can-do-attitude
  • To help alleviate poverty and break the cycle
  • To boost community participation and development

Manchester Prestige Award-2019

“The Judges are highly impressed by the lengths to which Sovereign House GH has gone, in order to improve the lives of disadvantaged children both in the UK and Africa”

“We are pleased to receive these awards, as recognition for our work, in helping to impact positively into the lives of the children and families we engage with. To all our team, donors and supporters – in both Ghana and UK, we extend the awards to you, having been part of the journey in many diverse ways. Thank you and although the awards are a recognition of what we do, the biggest reward is in the fulfilment of knowing that we are impacting and changing destinies of the next generation positively!”

Irene Lockett, Founder and Director