Sovereign House GH - UK

Our Project

Children’s Programme: At Salford and Bury, we run a  ‘Computer Learning Programme’. Our Computer Learning Programme is designed to accommodate learners of all ages and abilities. We offer flexible scheduling to suit various lifestyles, with sessions available throughout the day and into the early evening. The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics, including software, hardware, design planning, web development, e-safety, and more. Participants progress through a structured programme at their own speed, with guidance from our dedicated teachers and  mutual encouragement from their peers. This programme aims to equip children with essential skills for the future, boost their self-confidence, and enhance their self-worth.

Adults Programme: At Bury, we run the Computer Learning Programme for both children and adults of all ages and ability. We have scheduled times to cater for adults during the day and early evening.

There are a multitude of projects you can create depending on your interests and the programming languages you’re learning. Here are a few examples:

  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Applications: Apps that solve a problem
  • Data Analysis: Work on projects that involve analysing and visualizing data.
  • Machine Learning: Build models to predict trends.
  • Web Development: We cover the basics of creating and managing websites, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Digital Navigation: In an increasingly online world, we teach students how to effectively navigate and use digital platforms and tools.
  • Creative tasks on your computer, like organizing files, scraping information from websites, updating spreadsheets and much more….

The best projects are often those that solve a problem you’re interested in or passionate about!

The key is to start small and we will support you to gradually take on more complex projects as your confidence and skills grow. 

Our Goals

The purpose of the Computer Learning Programme is to empower young people to boost their future employability. The programme nurtures creative thinking and problem solving, and helps children to recognise their potential and boost their confidence in what they can achieve.  We have increased the age group to 16 to help children who are writing GCSE to excel. 

The GCSE Computer Science Group will focus on the knowledge and skills needed to excel at GCSE. It will include support on how to approach examination questions and ensure vocabulary that may arise is understood. Students will be given individual support and content will be adapted to the different examination boards. This class will be delivered through a combination of online and face-to-face sessions. 

As well as boosting their skill-set, the children also have loads of fun and build great friendships along the way, bridging the gap. We also teach life skills to our learners via additional mini-workshops, discussing socio – economic topics around daily issues which come up in the lives of the children. We keep the classes small, so we can work with the children, giving them the needed attention according to their individual learning pace and style, so they can understand and apply the concept of what they are learning.


We had to introduce this focus group in 2022 to our project. Since the inception of the Computer Learning Programme, the children attending have excelled in their main school work, having a better understand. However, we have realised that some of the children, working towards GCSE still have a lot to cover in terms of their academic performance, due to various ongoing issues with either rapid change of teachers and/or supply teachers in their schools. This, the children say affects their learning and consistency. As an introduction, we started focusing last year on some of the curriculum for the students who will write their GCSE, and they were happy and all excelled in their GCSE exams , achieving Grades A or above.

Our Vision

The world is changing and there is new demand for IT and digital skills. There is also the need for industry specific leadership skills, and children – our future leaders must adapt to the required skill sets. Students must be prepared for the challenges ahead, and our vision is focused on enhancing the IT and digital skills of children, encourage critical thinking and problem-solving, helping them to develop a can-do attitude that will build and boost the children’s confidence.

  • Time table for children ages 7-16 for all centres is evening.
  • Time table for adults 18+ is during the day at 11am-1pm.
  • Targeted Adult Groups – 1.30pm – 3pm: This time frame can be used by other groups for digital skills learning.

Please contact us to find out more. Thank you.