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Hands-on Learning Experience

Our classes are practical based and you get the chance to learn by building several projects.

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Computer Learning Classes

Our computer learning classes are designed to help children, young people and adults gain relevant IT skills.

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Computer Learning in Bury

For Children and Adults

What we do

Our goal is to help and empower children, young people and adults in and around Bury with relevant skills in IT. We have experienced and qualified IT teachers and mentors that will help children and adults develop skills that are relevant for their future. Our classes run from Monday to Friday. Some of the programming models you will learn includes:  Coding for Kids,  HTML, CSS, Python, Cyber  Security & Cyber Bullying, Data Representation & Visualization, Internet Network Security and many more. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to gain IT skills to be empowered for their future.

Over 50s Computer Classes

Enroll with us for work-oriented courses

Gain Relevant IT Skills

The class we run at the Computer Learning Programme are all inclusive and of mixed age and ability.  We focus on children who are having difficulty in honing in their critical and problem solving skills, the opportunity to build a positive skill set, gain confidence in their abilities and empower them for the future.

Hands-on computer learning

You will study computer programming through hands-on learning experience. You will gain knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of software and hardware technologies.


Through our mentorship program, we will help you maximize your full potential - aiming towards achieving your aspirations and goals, boosting your confidence and enhancing inter-personal and social skills, as well as encouraging students to give back to the community. Together, you become the best that you can be.

Volunteer With Us

Volunteering is very rewarding. Join us as a volunteer and help people gain important skills while you gain valuable experience and connections.