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Sovereign House GH Awarded Grant from Big Issue Invest

Big Issue Invest has granted £6000 to Sovereign House GH for our Computer Learning Programme. This investment will boost our growth and cash flow. It will empower individuals of all ages to understand computer programs, gain practical experience, and enhance their life prospects. Our mini workshops also develop life skills, resilience, and problem-solving abilities, fostering a ‘can-do’ attitude and success.

Fund aims

Sovereign House GH aims to foster confidence, skills, and motivation, while ensuring affordability, accessibility, and connectivity. We strive to empower communities and create sustainable outcomes. We provide digital skills training in Salford and Bury, areas ranked among the most deprived in England. Our expansion into Bury helps bridge the digital divide faced by many families.

Our hands-on approach empowers individuals, preparing them for a world increasingly reliant on IT and digital skills. We focus on enhancing these skills, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and a ‘can-do’ attitude among children, young people, and adults. This boosts their confidence and potential, preparing them for future challenges. The importance of digital skills is paramount, as their absence can lead to negative impacts on health, social connections, and access to jobs and education.

About the Funder

The Big Issue Group, a burgeoning B-corp and social enterprise, is dedicated to making a difference while generating profit, which is reinvested to further their mission. They aim to assist the millions in the UK affected by poverty to prosper and thrive.

The group unites media, investment, service, and advocacy initiatives to devise innovative enterprise solutions. These solutions aim to unlock socio-economic opportunities for the UK’s impoverished population. This is part of their commitment to the five impact pillars they uphold.

Learning & Employment

Investment in education and skills leads to more secure employment, increased income, and reduced poverty risk.

Financial & Digital Inclusion

It’s essential to provide everyone with basic financial and digital skills, as well as access to the internet, communication tools, and bank accounts. These are key to promoting inclusion and facilitating earning and employment.