Children's Home Interior Fundraiser


We are working hard to improve the lives of orphans and the conditions in which some of them live. Some children live in appalling conditions and survive through childhood without many prospects for their future. This has an effect on their wellbeing throughout their adult lives, impacting their productivity and contribution to society. We want to change the status quo – giving these children a secure foundation, stability, and the quality education, amongst other things, needed for them to develop and grow into confident adults. To do that, we have nearly completed the blue-print children’s home, where the children will grow within the family context, with the dignity and care every child needs. To help us bring this to fruition, we need to raise funds for the fixtures and fittings for the interior of the house, making it as comfortable and cosy as possible for the children, helping to make them feel at home.

We need your help to raise funds for the children’s home. It has taken us a few years to build this massive structure, to enable many more children have a home. We have  completed the construction of the blue-print Children’s Home and Mission House, which will give a family home to over 200 orphaned and street children. We are currently working on the grounds of the building, making it safe for the children. The final steps before the grand opening are to purchase and fix the different furnishings and furniture needed to fill up the house, turning it into a comfortable home for the children. We need to raise approximately £80000 and that is where you can help.


By fundraising for us or donating to this cause, you are contributing to the changing of lives of Ghanaian orphaned children, many of whom have never experienced love and are used to living in harsh conditions. We know that by raising the needed  amount, we will be able to enhance their future prospects and change the children’s lives so they reach their full potential, by  creating a place where they belong, that they can call home and thus feel part of a family unit.

With your support, we will have the needed funds to finally furnish the Children’s Home & Mission House and hope to welcome the children into their new home by the end of 2023.

Your contributions will provide the children and their guardians with bedroom furnishing, living room furniture, fitted kitchen, appliances, tables & desks, tableware, and many other items of furnishing that are needed for comfortable living in their new home.

We need your help to give many more Ghanaian orphans the opportunity for a brighter future, and the foundation and security every child needs to thrive to reach their full potential. Support us to give the children a better future. Please contact us if you want to donate some of the items listed to the home.

Thank you for supporting us to create a caring home for orphaned children in Ghana. We are getting closer to finishing the interior decorations and the children can move into their new blue-print home.

What is the Children’s Home?

Our main project, which we have been working on for quite some time. We raised enough funds to make it come to life and after 6 years we have built the Children’s Home, as well as the Mission House, located right next to the Children’s Home, which will host educators and professionals, to serve the children and community.

The Children’s Home is a two-story building with bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, living rooms and other rooms essential for comfortable living.

The children will be brought up within the family context, rooted in the love, care, dignity, and discipline every child should have. This will enable them to reach their full potential and have self-worth, confidence, and aspirations for a better future.

Sovereign House GH - The Outside View of the Children's Home

The Mission House

The Mission House is built next to the Children’s Home and will serve as an Educational Hub for professionals, who want to support and work with the children and community as volunteers.

The three-story building also needs furnishing, to complete study spaces, where orphaned children would be able to enhance their education, as well as living spaces for volunteers and professionals, who would choose to visit Ghana to serve the local community.

Most orphans do not have opportunities presented to them and grow up with no sense of belonging or self-worth. With no formal education or training, some of them end up selling on the streets to make a living or turn delinquent.

The mission house will host people who want to give back to the children and the community including doctors, teachers, students and other professionals. This will boost the mindsets of the children to increase their confidence and self-worth, and also help the community to thrive and change challenging cultural mindsets of how orphans are perceived and treated.