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Success Story of Beauty

Beauty was born deaf and mute, but her story is a powerful example of determination and a passion for education. Despite her disabilities, being born deaf and facing numerous obstacles, Beauty  pursued her dreams of higher education. Her journey is truly inspirational, showcasing her unwavering spirit and relentless pursuit of success.

In Ghana, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure full inclusion and equal opportunities for the deaf community. 

Overcoming Communication Barriers

From elementary school to university, Beauty encountered many challenges due to her disability. However, she never let her deafness hold her back. Though she faced communication difficulties and misunderstandings most of her life and especially during her university years, she remained determined to prove herself. With the support of interpreters, encouragement from our founder and her own resilience, she overcame the barriers and earned her place in the Early Childhood Education program.

Educational Sponsorship

Beauty’s passion for education was further amplified by the sponsorship support she received. We provided financial assistance for her education from junior high school all the way through university. During the pandemic, with the provision of a laptop, she advocated for herself and continued her study in the university. The sponsorship not only provided her with the tools she needed to succeed but also empowered her to advocate for equal opportunities for all students.

Teaching Internship

A highlight of Beauty’s journey was her teaching internship at the Tetteh Ocloo State School for the Deaf in Accra. During her six-month internship, she taught OWOP (Our World Our People) and numeracy to KG2 students. Beauty’s dedication and love for teaching shone through. She prepared lesson plans, sought mentorship, and implemented high-quality activities. Her supervisor commended her teaching skills, affirming her passion for education and nurturing young minds. 

A Source of Inspiration

Beauty’s story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. Her determination, resilience, and commitment to education motivate and encourage individuals to overcome their own obstacles. Her achievements demonstrate that disabilities do not define one’s potential or limit their aspirations.

Continuing Her Journey

Beauty’s success story extends beyond this summary. For a more detailed account of her experience, you are encourage to explore her blog post where she shares her remarkable journey. 

Background of Beauty's Sponsorship

Beauty was born deaf and mute. She is at a Technical School for the Deaf. Life can be quite challenging for Beauty as she is misunderstood due to her disability. Her father was an artisan but lost his arm in the trade, which made life difficult for Beauty. She loves reading and cooking and she is using her skills to do a nutrition course at school. Beauty would love to be a teacher or nurse, but with so many challenges, she’s settled for baking during her high school days. During school vacation, she bakes little pies and rock buns which she sells in her vicinity. This helps her raise some money for her upkeep. 

She loves music and dancing, but can only enjoy it when there is a program with a sign interpreter, which is quite rare! She wants to have an independent future and not have to rely on anyone. There is no disability payment or allowance in Ghana, and most people with any form of disability have to fend for themselves or rely on family, friends, or philanthropists to take care of their everyday needs.


We secured half-sponsorship towards Beauty’s school fees from junior school to senior high school. Her determination and passion propelled Irene, our founder to continue supporting her throughout university.

“Empowering Children: Join Us in Making a Difference”

Countless children, like Beauty, yearn for educational opportunities. Their dreams hinge on the kindness of compassionate individuals like you. Will you consider partnering with us to sponsor more children, granting them hope and a path toward an independent future? Reach out to us, and together, let’s give them a brighter, better and a secured future. Thank you for your support!