2023, News

Sovereign House GH Giving Sinamico Scholarships in Ghana

Sovereign House GH will start distributing scholarships to access the Sinamico online learning program to our beneficiaries in Ghana, enhancing their learning experience and empowering them to achieve higher and reach their full potential. This is an exciting development for us, as it will ensure that all children in our care will have access to a well rounded education, high quality education, giving them greater opportunities for employment – breaking the cycle of deprivation.

Sinamico Scholar’s Goals

Ignite Intellectual Curiosity in Students

Through thoroughly crafted, unique Masterclasses, Sinamico provides a high standard of education to pupis worldwide. All courses are crafted by experts who love their fields of study.

Sinamico allows students to critically examine through unique learning methods. To question themselves, “why” and “how”.  To make a more innovative future, the first step is to unlock a burning intellectual curiosity in students. 

Increase Education Access Globally To All

It costs one McDonalds Big Mac to access Masterclasses at Sinamico. That’s how committed they are to an accessible education for all backgrounds. 

Even so, Sinamico offers the ‘Sinamico Scholar’ program for disadvantaged pupils worldwide.

Empower The Future With Education

The future is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: educating our society will always be essential to shaping it. 

Their Masterclasses are designed to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities they need to succeed in the subjects they desire to learn, which aligns with our vision in educating children to reach their full potential.

By allowing students to excel in their desired subjects, they help to bring together a more transformed society.

We are grateful to Sinamico Scholar for providing use with this opportunity, and hope that this is a partnership that enhances both of our missions, now and into the future.

As you can see below, the platform is simple to use, and is an engaging way of interacting with material, so that all learners face a level playing field for the future.