2023, News

Sovereign House GH Awarded Cost of Living Grant from Bury VCFA

Sovereign House GH has been awarded £2000 from the Cost of Living Grant fund, to support our activity for the Computer Learning Programme for Adults in Bury. We are so grateful for the grant, which will support adults to gain various levels of computer ability. This will impact the users in upskilling them to gain relevant digitals skills, from barely able to turn on a computer to learning how to better use digital and online platforms to help them in their daily activities, empowering them to develop higher digital literacy. Our particular focus on digital skills will address aspects of digital poverty that arises from a lack of access to knowledge, which severely disadvantages adults in the job market.

About the Fund

The funding, made available through Bury Council and the Government’s Household Support Fund, supports activities which contribute to the Bury Cost of Living and LET’S Do It (LETS) strategies. The Projects should focus on enabling local people to be best equipped and supported to manage in the context of cost of living pressures, and to enable the provision of projects or activities to support local neighbourhoods. Link to Cost of living strategy

About the Funder

The vision for Bury 2030 is built upon conversations with communities and the goal is simple: ‘to stand out as a place that is achieving faster economic growth than the national average, with lower than national average levels of deprivation. It is not just a strategy of actions, rather it outlines the principles and means by which they will achieve these outcomes collectively. A place in which people are helped to make the best of themselves, by building on the strengths of children, families and communities’.