Help build a family home and boarding school for orphans in Ghana

Help build a home for orphans in Ghana

Sovereign House GH’s latest project is the construction of a children’s home and boarding school that will provide shelter, food and essential education for 200 orphans. The construction of the project is underway and scheduled to be completed by the end of this year .

In order to complete the construction of this building, Sovereign House GH needs to raise an additional $80,000. Please contribute as much as you are able to and urge your friends and family to help Sovereign House GH’s project.


Did you know you can fundraise for us? Yes, using your creative ideas, you can bring that on board by creating your own fundraiser for us. We will support you and bring it to fruition, whilst helping us to change the lives of disadvantaged children. Click the link to sign up.

Help us to complete the project, to give orphans and street children a home

The project will provide a stable family home for the children, as well as a place to have an education, enabling them to have a brighter future and give back to society. We are nearly finished, we need a bit more help to complete it for the children to move into their home. Without your support, these orphans have no one to help them, with most turning delinquent or being subjected to abuse. Help us to give them a place to call home, the foundation they need to thrive to fulfil their full potential.

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