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5 In-Demand IT Skills To Catapult Your Career To New Heights

More employers are gradually shifting toward skill-based hiring and compensation models. Acquiring in-demand IT skills is the key to remaining relevant in the industry and commanding higher pay in your upcoming years at your current firm.

Even assessments of job posting data confirm that skills are quickly becoming the new currency of work.

Working in IT means anything from programming an organization’s new cloud infrastructure to resolving an employee’s wifi issues. The work is highly diverse, and the skills you need to know to get a job in the IT field may vary widely depending on your role.

Considering the trends of the current year, AI and automation will be a significant drivers as machines become capable of taking on more work. Since it’s unlikely that we’re going to be completely redundant, humans might take on tasks that involve emotional intelligence, creativity or strategy, for instance.

Acquiring practical IT skills is not something that requires hard work since you can access various courses on the net or apply for IT internships that are specialized in that area. However, many get confused about which skill they should pursue. This article will give you a run-down of five in-demand technology skills if you’re looking to advance your career in the IT sector in 2023.

1. Cloud Computing

The demand for cloud computing is constantly soaring, especially since businesses require effective and efficient methods to manage decentralized data, workers and various systems. Fortunately, the cloud engineer market is open to a massive skills gap which means there is a higher demand for cloud computing engineers and more job openings than there are qualified engineers available.

According to a salary survey from Skillsoft, two of the top 3 highest-paying IT certifications of the year were in cloud computing: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional at #1 ($168,080) and Google Cloud – Professional Cloud Architect at #3 ($161,371).

2. Artificial Intelligence

Pros with AI skills are in high demand for a valid reason. Utilizing programs to perform tasks that almost match human cognition possesses the potential to reshape nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we do our work. While employers struggle to find experts with the required skills to fill AI roles, the average salary is bound to skyrocket.

It’s important to note that each AI-related specialty requires a slightly different set of soft and technical skills like machine learning, algorithms, data science, and vast knowledge of mathematical concepts like algebra, statistics, probability and calculus.

3. Cybersecurity

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job market for IT security specialists to explode by 35% from 2021 to 2031, which is much faster than the 15% growth rate for all technology jobs and seven times faster than the 5% rate for all occupations. Cyber security continues to be one of the hottest domains.

Some of the most in-demand cybersecurity sub-skills include application security, penetration testing, cloud security and network security. Even the addition of some fundamentals can bolster your market value further, like risk assessment, security controls and framework, intrusion detection, and incident response.

4. UX Design

User experience (UX) design and the closely related field, user interface (UI) design, are becoming increasingly valuable skills because of the extent to which digital transformation is turning every company into a tech company as well as each job into a tech job.

The skill of UX and UI designers is to make technology accessible and intuitive to everyone, even if they are not accustomed to working with tech. And since most consumers value experience above aspects like products and services, the skill set of UX designers will become increasingly in demand.

5. Digital Marketing

Our attention is the most valuable commodity we have to give in this economy, and capturing it becomes brands’ and businesses’ number one priority. Digital marketing involves the art of harnessing the cumulative power of any number of technological solutions. This is designed to capture customers’ attention and place your product or services at the top of their minds.

Digital Marketing involves diverse digital skills, from paid social media marketing to SEO, marketing funnels and cutting-edge channels like augmented reality and the metaverse.

Bottom Line

There is a high demand for cloud computing engineers and more job openings than there are qualified engineers available, which indicates a chance for a higher earning. Similarly, employers need help finding experts with the required skills to fill AI roles, so the average salary is bound to skyrocket. Even cybersecurity will continue to be one of the most in-demand domains.

Since most consumers value experience above aspects like products and services, the skill set of UX designers and digital marketing will become increasingly in demand. We hope you find this article insightful.

By Alison Roy

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