About Me:

Education & Training

I took this internship through the partner company CRCC Asia who are connected with my university. I chose UK and Manchester as I am heavily interested in the culture of the city, particularly the sporting presence. The company, Sovereign House GH was chosen behind the scenes but after viewing the company’s website and having an interview with the director, Irene, I was impressed and the opportunity of working in a charity is both unique. The form of experience gained, being able to see the impact on the Salford community.

The usual tasks I am completing and inputting transactions into accounting software, and as SHGH is a charity, confirming grants expenses match. Also, completion of financial statements.

The major benefit of undertaking this internship at Sovereign House GH is the fact that I’ll gain on the job experience before graduating from university, and this should massively boost my employability, opportunities by helping me stand out from the crowd. Also working in the charity Sovereign House GH provide a unique expertise that isn’t learned in universities and therefore provides different perspectives.