About Me:

Education & Training

Working remotely has its challenges, doing so across different time zones brings forth multiple new challenges. Throughout my time as a Social Media and PR intern, I was faced with many challenges that I worked to overcome, most occurred at the beginning as I worked to fit in to my new role and appear as part of the team. Despite this, the entire team and I worked to address the goals and tasks at hand to allow me to make the most of this opportunity.

Irene and her team worked with me to get me acquainted with the charity and the work they do to better prepare me for the work I was tasked with. With time zone and schedule differences, I found it easy to communicate and collaborate with team members- I was encouraged to work independently while reaching out for help or feedback whenever necessary, proving that they wanted to help me thrive and succeed in my new role.  

This experience was enjoyable and challenging, as it presented me with opportunities to use my current skills, as well as develop new ones. Content creation proved to be harder than expected, but it allowed me to experience some key components to branding and the importance of a positive social media/digital presence. I saw a shift in my role toward the second half of my internship, where I was tasked with developing and suggesting digital marketing strategies to implement for the future. This allowed me to research new information while using what I already knew about social media and digital platforms. Overall, this work left me feeling satisfied knowing that my work could help the charity soon.  

Sovereign House GH is a wonderful charity working towards an amazing cause. I cannot wait to see how the current projects progress and what new ones may arise in the future. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope to develop and grow within the field as time progresses. Overall, I am satisfied with my experience working as a part of this team. There were some challenges at the start, but no transition is ever perfect in person. Irene and Elyse were wonderful supervisors and teachers. They allowed for me to develop both my current skills and new skills while guiding me in the direction toward the goal at hand.