About Me:

Education & Training

As part of my internship experience, I took on tasks for setting up an online platform that would enable teachers, volunteers, and children of the organisation to connect through online classes during this period of a global pandemic and hopefully, it could be used in other times for the furtherance of the work of the organisation. The tasks that I undertook given the necessary permission are as listed below:

  • Using the Microsoft Admin Centre User Interface, I created user profiles for teachers, volunteers, and children within the organisation and set up licenses for them to use specific Microsoft online resources such as Office for web, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. 
  • I created groups for each of the different teaching groups within the organisation that are split between days and also levels (Junior, Intermediate, Advanced). Alongside the admin user, each group was assigned a group owner which was the user profiles of the volunteers in charge of the teaching groups. 
  • I created teams with respect to the groups in Microsoft Teams where the volunteers and children can interact. 
  • To restrict the resources that could be used in Microsoft Teams which allows the use of other online Microsoft applications. I used the Teams Admin Centre to block those applications and created policies to better suit the organisation. 
  • In order to manage who can create groups that should mainly be for only the admin, I learned and followed the steps as documented by the organisation. 
  • Lastly, I shared the OneDrive folders of each teaching group with their respective volunteering teachers with each folder containing the work of the children within that specific group. 

Through this experience, I have learned and developed skills using Microsoft online services serving mainly as an Administrator which has helped me understand how to create users and groups, how to assign licenses, how to create organisational policies and how basic User Access Control works.